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Lou T

Darren exceeds expectation and immerses you into the depths of your human psychology, seeking to draw out and allow deep and thorough reflection on fundamental themes that are holding you back from whatever it is that you are wanting to change in your life.


I had an amazing session with Darren! Darren is very passionate about his work. In our session, he helped me to gain clarity and vision about my life and gave me the necessary steps to reconnect with my Power and sense of curiosity for life. I felt safe and confident as his clear energy created a space of trust for me to open up. His own life experience, coupled with extensive training and qualifications really helps to provide assurance in using his services. I recommend him to anyone looking for a deeply dedicated coach and NLP practitioner. Thanks, Darren.


WOW!! i loved this session because it cuts to the chase.. we know who, what, why and HOW !! Darren.. you're a genius in this field.. so much depth and knowledge that you bring to this work .. I can't wait to get coaching /training with you !! Thanks so mich !!

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