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About Darren

UK Government Certified Trainer & Coach with over 20 years of experience helping clients and students transform their lives.

Having certified thousands of people via government-funded training programs in various subjects, from NLP to employability skills, Darren is a professional teacher with much-applied knowledge of the fields he lectures and trains in.

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"Darren was very good at explaining all about the course and very knowledgeable and made the course fun so helped with the learning side all the way to learning the latin meaning for a cv to where to find other information to stay updated on all subjects covered and much more on mental health and being there for each other to what to look out for on the subject of safeguarding and so on. "

Business manager

"I have found this course very useful. It definitely helped me to understand what I needed to improve on. It was a good challenge for me I have updated my CV , practised my interview for a potential future job. "

Dana S

"I had a NLP session with Darren and it was so good! I went for him to breakthrough mindset blocks around weight loss/self image/food and during our session we unlocked how I was staying and helped me to see what I needed to focus on moving forward. Definitely schedule a NLP session with Darren!"

Businesss owner

"I've attended several of Darren's classes. I find him extremely knowledgable and is able to easily convey the knowledge that his students need to know. He breaks down the subject and checks in often with his students to be sure they have understood the material."

Life Coach

"I wouldn't be the person I am today without him!!! I am me again I'm the strong independent woman I once was and I honestly thought I'd never be her again... but I'm back with bang!!! This man is just amazing"

Single mother of 6(3 are now my godchildren because of the coaching)

"Well now I'm playing regularly to some serious crowds doing what I love and never thought this would be possible after a year of taking Darren Shaw's advice. Enjoyed every minute of the journey too. Plus we have gone on it together which has been amazing. Got a trusted friend for life there."

International Drum & Bass DJ

"Darren Shaw has the unique ability to take himself out of the equation, make it all about the material & his student. Creating an environment that truly allows any student to grow, mature & break the limitations that we may have held prior to interacting with his course. I highly recommend anyone with a curiosity about NLP, to delve into this work & experience exactly what I have discovered"

Managing Director, The Confident Broker

"I had a session with Darren on changing some of my limiting beliefs on purely audio platform Clubhouse. Darren made the experience easy and effortless, I felt cared for and listened to. Initial resistance to see my limiting beliefs as ridiculous when I started questioning under Darren's guidance the reasons those beliefs exist in the first place? Ending the session with saying it "go away" I actually saw myself grabbing this belief and kicking it of the door and saying "bye bye". Thanks Darren, I never realised how much fun I can have with those ridiculous limiting beliefs that are just not useful at all!"

IT Quality tester

"धन्यवाद डयारेन तपाई मलाई सिकाउनु भएको उत्प्रेरणा म तपाई प्रति सधै आभारी हुने छु। तपाईहरु पनि एन.एल.पि सिकेर आपmनो जिवनमा खुशि लेराउन चाहानु हुन्छ तपाई व्यापार व्यवसायमा उन्नती गर्न चाहनु हुन्छ भने यो कोर्ष धेरै नै लाभदायक हुने छ । प्रकाश ज्ञवाली अन्तराष्टिय सर्टिफाईड टेनर"

Prakash Gyawali
International Trainer & Motivational Speaker

"The session with Darren, was informative and a very good refresher in the Milton Model, and how to use language in induce trance in a client. The slides and presentation are very well done with good explanations about them. Darren is a very professional trainer and I highly recommend his services."

Life coach

"Darren exceeds expectation and immerses you into the depths of your human psychology, seeking to draw out and allow deep and thorough reflection on fundamental themes that are holding you back from whatever it is that you are wanting to change in your life."

IT consultant

"Darren is Genius… caring, funny and full of knowledge and skill. Watch and listen very carefully as he is multi layered and uses nlp in almost every possible way and in the the most subtle of ways…. Looking forward to training with him and bringing myself and my coaching skills on to new and better ways to help as many other people as i can in the long term 🤗"


"Thank you for showing me the concept of color and the funnels and helping me with the dropbox. as well I appreciate you helping me uncover why people are not going through my funnel"

Online teacher

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