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Gain access to some of the most essential personal coaching skills necessary to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. Weekly practice groups coupled with a membership community for like minded people  determined to improve skills in the area of self coaching and coaching others.

The Darren Shaw Community

£4.47 quarterly

Top features

  • Access to the Darren Digital community
  • Regular videos about personal development concepts
  • Direct access to Darren via monthly Q & A


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Most Popular

  • Weekly practice groups via Zoom
  • New video lessons every week from Darren Shaw

NLP Practice Group & Meetup

A chance to learn and grow and practice your skills as a coach, with like-minded people working on personal evolution...

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Introduction to new skills

Learn more about how you can help others to move quicker towards achieving their desired goals

Learn about NLP

Begin your journey in learning the art and science of the ancient art of Neuro-linguistic programming... in the context of Coaching

Direct access to a wealth of content around Coaching Skills

Regular uploads with information about various aspects of coaching

Tuesdee Golden

When you visualise a picture inside you're mind...
Hold that picture and ask questions to yourself ie..

Is this a good vision and worth holding onto...
Or does this vision make me feel a way i am not comfortable with,

Either way it can be deleted or enhanced, you can keep reliving this vision or you can make it disappear as if by magic!

NLP changed my life!!


In the time that I have known Darren Shaw, we have had many NLP sessions where Darren practised a range of different techniques.

I have found these sessions to be extremely beneficial & also enjoyable.

As a Life Coach/NLP Practitioner, Darren is always very successful in changing my perception of an issue and in finding new ways in which to deal with situations. 

I know him to be a perceptive and positive individual whose motivation is to help others to better themselves, and I would highly recommend him.


​Well I finished my psychology degree and my masters degree with excellent qualifications, Darren Shaw is a great coach

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