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Darren Shaw

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“Darren is a personal development enthusiast with over 2 decades of experience in helping himself and others to lead lives that get better and better with time.

Darren has overcome considerable odds to demonstrate just how much the power of the mind can achieve, despite a person's start in life. Darren has founded societies to support education and personal development in a range of sectors and was the founding president of Birkbeck University’s largest ever psychological society.

He is trained in Neuro-linguistic programming, Person-centred approach to counselling, psychodynamic psychotherapy as well as holding a BSc in Psychological Science. His specialism is emotional disorders and their effects on attentional control mechanisms and at the weekends he doubles as a rapper and Jungle MC.

His approach to personal development is extremely down to earth, straight to the point and informative, with a strong focus on lifelong learning.

Darren is a PTLLS certified trainer and a Trainer of NLP, with a track record of success in the welfare to work sector as well as tutoring law and social science academics. With all this in mind, there is definitely no one like Darren in this world”

Cognitive Psychopathologist

With a specialism in the mechanisms of the mind, Darren is an academic focused on research that aims to understand the effects of emotional disorders on the way we focus attention in everyday life.

NLP Trainer & Coach

One of the last Trainers to be certified by John Seymour and Accredited by JSNLP in the UK, Darren has been trained to one of the highest levels of competency in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in the UK.

Vocalist / MC

Darren is also a multiple award-nominated rapper/MC who has worked with some of the biggest names in British dance music. Darren has released and feature don several albums and was part of a top pop act in the early 2000's

"“ In the time that I have known Darren Shaw, we have had many NLP sessions where Darren practised a range of different techniques. I have found these sessions to be extremely beneficial & also enjoyable. As a Life Coach/NLP Practitioner, Darren is always very successful in changing my perception of an issue and in finding new ways in which to deal with situations. I know him to be a perceptive and positive individual whose motivation is to help others to better themselves, and I would highly recommend him. ” "

Angela Rose

"“ Darren seems to know exactly the right questions to ask to come to the right conclusions. I went to him with what I thought was my biggest problem! but by the end of the first session, my problem was the one that id been using the other problem to run away from. Once we knew what the main problem was we were able to tackle it step by step, one step at a time. I think that anyone that is stuck in a cycle that keeps repeating and is doing more harm than good and can't seem to stop it should definitely see Darren Shaw.”"

Job Title

"“Darren is very devoted and passionate about helping people with life change. When observing an exercise given at his workshop he has the ability to react very quickly to any problems people have and comes up with very good strategies straight away and finds solutions. He is genuine in passing on his great knowledge onto those willing to listen. Darren doesn't only teach at his sessions. As soon as he spots someone having a problem or struggling with something in life , he is ready to react to that person's need in a very kind but often playful way, depending on situation.” "


"​I wouldn't be the person I am today without him!!! I am me again I'm the strong independent woman I once was and I honestly thought I'd never be her again... but I'm back with bang!!! This man is just amazing"

Single Mother

"​Well now I'm playing regularly to some serious crowds doing what i love and never thought this would be possible after a year of taking Darren Shaw's advice. Enjoyed every minute of the journey too. Plus we have gone on it together which has been amazing. Got a trusted friend for life there."

DJ Blacklist
Drum & Bass DJ

"​Well I finished my psychology degree and my masters degree with excellent qualifications, Darren Shaw is a great coach"

Post graduate law & psychology

"I've been coached by Darren Shaw for a few months now during which time he helped me to change my perception on my abilities by teaching me techniques such as transforming my state and creating more open mind. The sessions with Darren are always fun as he is great in giving real-life examples and explaining complex textbook based models and tools in an easy to understand way. There is always plenty of time to practice what you've just learned, giving you that great feeling of accomplishment "yes, I got this!"I have left every single session with Darren feeling much happier, empowered and aware of my past reactions to certain situations, choices I made in past and different approaches I could use in future. Darren's unique coaching style using NLP techniques, hypnosis and psychology, combined with his deep interest in newest trends and scientific research provides his clients with a highly capable and innovative coaching expert. I would highly recommend Darren Shaw to all those who are looking for something more in their lives, are willing to have their minds open, change their thinking patterns and shatter those limiting beliefs that hold them back from whatever they would like to achieve. With Darren, you are in good hands. "

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