• Learn more about Neuro-linguistic programming(NLP)

  • Increase your knowledge & skills in using NLP techniques

  • Get advice & guidance from a Master Practitioner of NLP

Belief Changework Skills, with NLP

Ithaca House, Stratford, London

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TIME: 11 AM - 4 PM

Watch demonstrations of step-by-step techniques with the opportunity to ask questions to help you understand how it works.

You will be given the opportunity to practice the techniques you learn with others to gain new skills in helping others transform their beliefs around some area of their personal or professional life.

Beliefs =  generalisations you make about yourself & the world

One of the biggest keys to success is the content of one's thinking. If individuals don't believe in themselves, their goals or others, they will experience results reflecting their beliefs about reality. 

This interactive class, led by an experienced coaching skills trainer, will allow you to explore how you go about helping others to identify, address and move on from their limiting beliefs, whilst developing more empowering ones.

You will be introduced to Belief change techniques which will be broken down so that you gain confidence in doing each of them. There will be pairwork, groupwork and the opportunity to reflect on what you have learned in this exclusive class.

A Masterclass in Applied Coaching Skills, for professionals

Does your role involve

  • helping others to evolve and grow?
  • assisting others shift the way they think.
  • coach others towards achieving their outcomes.

Learn step-by-step techniques that create a mindset change

With Darren Shaw, Neuro-linguistic programming(NLP) master and speaker 

Over 5 hours, you will participate in pairwork, group work and discussions.

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Location: Stratford, London

Registration fee: £49.99(Click to book)

Ideal for: business owners, managers, working professionals, team leaders, social workers.

What you will get

On the day you will

  • Take part in pairwork with others to practice techniques
  • Get Powerful step-by-step changework techniques given to you as printouts
  • 5 hours of content useful for you in your business/career
  • Demonstration of changework techniques

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Master the art & science of applying Coaching Skills

The ability to help others to evolve is paramount in roles where such skills are essential for generating growth.

Join a professional learning environment with Darren Shaw, an experienced Trainer, Tutor & Coach from the UK.


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Learn and practice Coaching Skills

Be part of a group setting where you can reflect on high level ideas, doing pairwork with like-minded people focused on continuous professional development

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Support your learning


Receive instructions and watch demonstrations of skills to enhance your coaching skills

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