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pivot Aug 30, 2021

In the field of NLP I’ve always been interested in following the path set before us by the co-founders who made this field possible. What this means Is a consistent search for identifying geniuses and learning what I can from them in order to become as excellent as I can.

One of my biggest achievements in the NLP field Is being a speaker at international conferences. Being accepted to speak at events where I can be amongst some of the biggest names in the game, walking side by side with Robert Dilts discussing stuff over a coffee, asking L Michael Hall why he is so naughty and rebellious, meeting David Shepherd and asking him questions, getting close to Judith DeLozier and Judy Lowe to ask clean killer questions that help me understand a thing. Its like a kids chocolate factory, but for NLP excellence.

The pandemic ended my conference speaking career, so I decided to pivot into delivering online training. Spent most of the pandemic finding out how that all works and facilitating groups of adults interested in learning how to shift other peoples realities using NLP coaching tools. Has totally made the pandemic be a much more happier experience.

Just reflecting on my pivot.

If I I can do it, anyone can really


Darren Shaw

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