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nlp self_sabotage Nov 23, 2021

Terms that may be useful to help you make a shift in your self-sabotage

  • Beliefs

embodied and cognitive Generalisations we make about the world and ourselves

  • Strategies

step by step sequences of behavior, both internal and external, which lead us to a particular outcome

  • States

Emotional, biological, and psychological moods can shift from one moment to the next. At any given moment, you are in a ‘state.’

  • Visual, auditory, kinaesthetic

Memories and experiences a stored inside our minds in terms of what we have seen, heard and felt.

  • Metaprogrammes

Unconscious programs that exist outside of our awareness OneDrive towards perceiving things in one way or another

  • Well-formed outcome

any future based result stated in the positive, genuinely wanted by the individual, specific in nature based on sensory evidence, and is within your power to achieve without the approval or assistance of others

  • Perceptual positions

when you look at something from your perspective, this is one way of doing things; however, you can also look at situations through the eyes of others or from an observer position will you take your feelings and own perception out of the equation


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