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Mar 31, 2022

Your business and life are as they are now because of the variety of life choices you have made and continue to make.

If you want your situation to be different, you have to change something you are doing and make your operations different, so where to start?

Be realistic. One of the common errors people make when speaking about their problems is they over exaggerate what the problem is. I recently talked to an entrepreneur who told me that their business is making no money. On asking many questions and digging into the actual issues, it turned out that the company is making some money because they made two sales within the last month; however, this isn't enough money to sustain the business, and it's expensive. But using languaging such as the company is making no money is what was blocking the business owner from being able to look at the situation realistically and then move from, thereby creating a pathway to solutions.

Get at cause. Whatever is wrong with your business is a direct result of the choices and decisions; therefore, it's crucial to make a concrete decision and understand to accept responsibility for what's going to happen next. If you're sitting around saying, "it's not my fault the business is going wrong. It's the economy", or "it's not my fault that the company isn't going so great, it's so and so's fault". You're going to struggle with moving forward simply because you are not accepting responsibility for driving your business forward, for making the money your business should be, or 4 generating the outcomes your company should be developing. So get at the cause before you move on to the next step

There's more, but this is a good start for newbies to this game

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