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Making changes

Oct 10, 2021

One of the things that I've realised is true to me during the pandemic is that I need to alter my environment according to the goals I am pursuing.

I am taking my company and the services I provide in a New Direction at the time of writing. I've been looking at all of the offers I present and the coaching service I offer, and I've made some significant realisations about what it is I'm not looking for 4vs what it is I am 

When you are making essential life changes, it can be imperative to make sure that you have decided on the identity you wish to adopt in the moments while changes are being made in line with the Robert Dilts model neurological levels.

The NL levels model demonstrates that if you change at the level of identity, you will impact your beliefs and values, capabilities and skills, behaviour on the inside and outside and the environment around you.

Many forget that the environment also includes the people you allow yourself F2 to share energy with and spend time with, and I am happy to be distracted.

This post reminds me of the importance of staying very focused on what's essential whilst going through times of change.

Darren Shaw

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