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What is NLP?

coaching neurolinguisticprogramming nlp Nov 23, 2021
nlp is not what you think it is

An approach to modeling subjective experience

NLP started out as a mission shared by Richard Bandler & John Grinder. And even before that with Frank Pucilik and other names that have been lost to time and storytelling.

NLP went on to have multiple definitions depending on who a practitioner was trained by and when. Bandler is very much is chaos

Neuro-linguistic programming is a meta-discipline. This means at the highest level that it's an approach that allows the practitioner to look at other disciplines and 'model' the practices, beliefs, behaviors of others and how they do things subjectively.

At the lower levels of understanding, NLP =  sales skills, or coaching skills, or influencing skills...

But these are just skills and NLP isn't a skill.. it is the thing that modeled the skills.

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