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Protecting your energy, focusing your mindset

energy freeadvice May 26, 2022

Focus your mindset, Protect your energy

Hi, my name is Darren Shaw, a psychologist, hypnotist, NLP change worker and mindset coach from London, UK. I teach professionals how to optimise their mindset and energy so they can up their game and unlock your true potential


I consciously choose whom I allow to remain in my space; why? Because humans are giant magnets, with electromagnetic energy vibrating from all that electrochemical activity whizzing through every cell in the body. When you align with people and things that do not serve you, you are at the effect of their vibration… hold that for a second.


When I must go into a space which I know is not for me… I imagine a circle of white light around me, protecting me from those and that which would dim my light in the world.


When people start conversations with me, I don’t want to be in I take a deep breath and remind myself that this too shall pass, and I tune out a little bit before stating very clearly that I prefer to focus on my business, my life and other things I can control.


Whatever you place your attention on is taken by your brain to mean that you want MORE of it in your life… sending signals to the parts of your brain that regulate what you pay attention to so that you shift your behaviour to get even more of it… so the moment you notice yourself paying mind to things that shall not serve you, get conscious, move your attention away, do something relevant to the life you’re manifesting, keep it moving and shake that off as you program your brain to go in the direction it needs to be going…


What do you do to protect your energy?

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