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Quitting my corporate Training job, money mindset shift

entrepreneur mindset money pricing Feb 28, 2022

When I started being an entrepreneur last year, I had one mindset before, and I had another Mindset after.

And then, with the mindset that I had after, I made loads and loads of mistakes. And I kept losing money. I was losing hundreds; I was losing 1000s Because I didn't know what I was doing. And one of those mistakes that I made was I said in my marketing, "come and get coaching with me".

And in the beginning, I was like, oh yeah, just $100 an hour as American dollars. Some people wanted my coaching and who came along, saw my pricing on my website saying, um, $100, and they were like, "Is that all? Are you sure? 

Some people weren't laughing at me, and a few people helped me understand that people in America who are therapists and coaches, if they're charging $100 per hour, then that's the bargain. Basement bucket, chicken bucket, KFC press, McDonald's. That's the cheap people.

And then, at the opposite end of that to the extreme, you've got people charging $10,000 A session, which obviously for some of us, that's like, well, we'll say "what now."  

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