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Growth and transformation isn't always plain sailing

Jul 27, 2022

Many coaches and trainers will talk about change and transformation as if it's an easy, simple thing everyone should want and will find easy to attain.

One of the things I like to do in this space is be honest with others about how sometimes change and transformation of your life can have side effects.

Recently I've been altering aspects of my life to shift the way I communicate professionally with the people I work with. I'm enjoying some side effects one can expect from making such shifts.

I used the Presuppositions Circle exercise to shift my perspective on a recurring problem I've had over and over again. Which led to me realising the part I play in negative interactions I've been experiencing. The thing I love about learning my part in a problem is that it allows me to change my responses to something, which leads to a magnificent change that is life-altering...

The side effects? Other people get annoyed that I am not responding in the way they would like me to.., but that's their issue, and to care, means to stay stuck in that pattern!

I love the presuppositions of NLP!

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