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Is NLP scientific?

It’s been stated many times that the field of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) has no substance and doesn’t have any scientific confirmation or support and in this short essay, I will demonstrate as an opener, just how nonsensical this claim is.

One of the most obvious responses, for me, to this question is “what specifically do you mean by NLP?” or “which aspect of NLP specifically?” The answer to this can lead to a useful discussion which can be researched and evidence provided for or against points of distinction. So with that in mind, I will just point to some of the more obvious contradictions to the belief held by many, that NLP cannot stand up to rigorous scientific analysis or research


There was a study carried out which provided that there was no correlation between eye movements and modalities of thought. This is a commonly cited study that critics of NLP use to generalise the claim that NLP has been ‘debunked’ and...

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