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Workshop Trainer

A Jamaican, born and raised in London. A challenging start to life gave me a passion for learning and teaching personal development and continuous skills acquisition.

Here are some of my achievements:

Master City & Guilds Trainer

I am a Master City & Guilds trainer delivering government-funded qualifications within the UK’s welfare to work sector. I train for organisations training adults.

2011-2015 I was president of Birkbeck University’s Psychological Society, whilst teaching NLP to undergraduates and Master’s students across several disciplines. 

Multiple-award-nominated rapper/MC that runs an online clothing company.

Before Covid19 I was regularly performing to audiences before moving into delivering of Online Training, mostly via Zoom.

I offer teachings in the form of online courses so you can take advantage of over 2 decades of experience and research conducted by myself, taken from a range of effective approaches.

I am trained in:

  • Neuro-linguistic programming(NLP)
  • Person-Centred Approach to psychotherapy
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

In the field of NLP, I have been trained by many masters. I was certified as a Trainer in 2018 by the UK's leading NLP organisation, under the standards set out by the Professional Guild of NLP and the Association for NLP. 

If you wish to know more about me or my work, please feel free to email me I am happy to answer any questions you may have


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