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The Tools You Need To Build NLP coaching Mindset

Discuss and practice components of NLP in a coaching context. You'll be given the opportunity to explore and play with the tools of this amazing approach to human development. All sessions will be supervised by myself Darren Shaw in order to ensure that you get the most out of this 2 hour practice meetup group

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Led and facilitated by Darren Shaw

Darren ‘DVS’ Shaw is an Entrepreneur from London, UK.


When you are a coach, you are someone who works in a role where critical listening skills are essential. The ability to hear what your client/coachee is honestly saying to you can mean the difference between you helping them transform, or remaining stuck as when they came to you for help.

In this session, we explore listening, speaking, and rapport skills that enable a coach to connect with others effectively. You will have the chance to practice these skills whilst reflecting on your learning.

Darren Shaw is a leading international speaker on the subject of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He is a two-time speaker at the ANLP international conference(London) and the global NLP summit(India).

Darren’s day job, throughout the pandemic, has been online, teaching people currently unemployed and seeking to start new careers. Darren has been a practitioner of NLP since the year 2000. He has trained with leading figures in the field and applied NLP to a variety of contexts from music to academia. He has a BSc in Psychology and founded Birkbeck University’s Psychological Society for adult students of Psychology.

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