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Neuro-linguistic programming is an approach to human development that enables a person to find the personal genius within. 

The field of NLP is around 50 years old and has many facets to it. I'

When you learn NLP, you gain the ability to help yourself and help others. You know a new way of listening, speaking and communicating with others. 

Learn with Darren Shaw

Basic NLP Applications

Get your business going(Audiocourse featuring Michael Perez & Darren Shaw)

How to structure a coaching session(Video course)

Mastering NLP technique(Audio Course)

Gain Skills

$497              Self-study course in NLP techniques(Video recordings)

$1,997           4 weeks of Group training in NLP Coaching techniques(Live course, differing start dates)

$3,000            1:1 mentoring programme(6 months of access)

Advanced Track

£10,000           12 months mentoring program to achieve NLP Mastery(mixed delivery)

What my clients say


"I’m glad you gave me the chance to attend one of your sessions 🙏🏻 I’m a learner and this is never gonna stop… soon I’ll graduate as a hypnotherapist and I’m combining it with NLP and CBT and reiki … This is my own concoction: my way"

Ori of Lebanon

"Marvelous teacher that gives clear concise examples and lessons that makes perfect sense! His coaching process combines practical understanding that ensures these taught suggestions turn into 'Oh yes!'~ 'Light bulb ON moments' "

Dina de Groot
Consultant Hypnotherapist.

"What is NLP? Who knew it was so an easy answer... The art and science of becoming more excellent. This session was pivotal in drawing out the inner dreams of success. A great practice session that permitted integrity and honesty. If you’re new to NLP, you might wanna try this session a few times."

Freelance IT project manager

"Darren's workshop was exceptional. He provided great value on how to better understand people to write emails, posts and blogs in a way that attracts clients. In addition to Darren's workshop, I also have listened to him on Clubhouse. He shares practical and applicable tools and strategies that make a huge impact in connecting, interacting and working with others. I truly appreciate Darren's genuine desire to help individuals and business owners/leaders succeed. Thank you, Darren."


Courses with Darren


Learn with Darren Shaw 


Learning neuro-linguistic programming is a journey through levels that give different skills depending on the level you are at. 



Learn the building blocks of neuro-linguistic programming. Become proficient in doing transformational change work and learn the strategies of human excellence modelled over the last 50 years in the field of Neuro-linguistic Programming


Take your practitioner level skills to the next level and layer on even more powerful techniques and tools of change and go deeper into learning how human excellence can be modelled by carrying out a supervised modelling project.

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